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Our Mission and Vocation

Our mission is to become a leading institution, recognized for its efforts in promoting the personal and professional development of New Yorkers while providing all our students the tools needed to develop their vocation and face the challenges of today’s world.


Welcome to Join Classes

Founded with a vision of the love of knowledge, Join Classes is a platform that connects people interested in learning and enhancing their talents, with qualified teachers who love teaching.

On the educational platform of Join Classes, educators share their knowledge, forming a synergy with the students who use their classes to develop their intellect. In short, this is a meeting place where students and instructors have the opportunity to share their passion of knowledge.


Who We are

On our platform you can find different topics in both English and Spanish, which are taught by native speakers from the counties of NYC. In addition, our program has topics related to personal growth (ideal for children, women, couples, families) and business/professional development.

At Join Classes we strive to offer an educational service to everyone. The main requirement is a desire to learn. Contact us now and discover all we have to offer.

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Passion - 100%
Engagement - 90%
Motivation - 100%
Development - 100%
Support - 90%

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