Drawing for kids. Why?

Drawing for kids. Why?

A new world full of shapes, symbols and colors is what drawing brings for kids. Also, there are several positives things drawing, as a fun and educative activity, gives to them. Check out…

  1. Improve motor skills. If you want your children to get an enviable calligraphy, let them drawing first. The movements that do their hands while drawing, will improve their writing in future.  
  2. Improve communication between parents and kids. Drawing allows kids communicating in a universal language. They learn to give colors and shapes to their feelings and use it as way to say how they see the world.  
  3. It provides serenity. The stroke of a pen or a brush is able to calm their anxiety. Also, it boost children self-esteem when they discover the wonderful things they are able to create with their hands
  4. It’s fun. Drawing without restrictions is, itself, a fun exercise. Remember it’s not about the technique but the wellness of creating.  

Tip for parents. Pay for drawing classes for your kids or let them to draw without rules at home is not enough. It’s necessary congrats them  for each little piece of art.

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