5 online tools to create presentations

5 online tools to create presentations

Power Point is effective, but nowadays it could be an old fashioned tool. Probably you want something more to impress the audience in your next business or school presentation, and the good news is there are some online apps where you can create incredible content.

Have a look to these 5 online apps, all of them with free plans.


Presentations, infographics, animations and banner ads are some of the many alternatives that Visme gives you to create graphic content that is cloud based. The app has a free version where you have up to 100 MB of storage; and you can create up to three projects that can be downloaded in .JPG format.


It is ideal for making caricature presentations and animated videos intuitively and with a lot of resources. The app free plan allows you creating animations up to 5 minutes length with 10 different melodies and unlimited templates. However, you can’t download the final product and it has a PowToon watermark.

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Movement and zoom are some of the elements that this tool combines to grab the attention of your audience when giving a presentation. With a Prezi free account you have many default templates, and you can download the final product to sync it up with other devices. However, its free plan makes all your projects open to public.


Dynamic presentations is what this tool gives you. It can take material directly from social media networks or blogs. Also, you are able to place audio notes and videos in the slide presentation. The final product can be shared online and connected to multiple devices at the same time.


Intuitive and cloud based are the qualities of this application which, in its free plan, lets you create presentations with templates. The product are elaborated in HTML5, and you have the chance to create presentations with slides, videos and even with 3D effects.

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